Reveal the Right Diet Plan for You!

1507-31You’re trying to battle those stubborn pounds, but how can you tell which diet plan is best for you? “You need to work with your body instead of working against it,” says Leah Baxter,* a long time dieter. Take this simple quiz and see what diet plan is made just for you!

I would rather curl up and dig into:

  • a sizzling, juicy steak
  • a steaming bag of salty popcorn
  • a huge bowl of fresh fruit
  • a warm cup of hot cocoa.

In the morning, I generally:

  • can’t do without my bacon and eggs
  • enjoy whipping up a tasty meal
  • grab the first thing in sight
  • skip breakfast

If I had to give up one group of foods, I could easily lose:

  • sugary sodas
  • real butter
  • popcorn
  • any breakfast foods

The one food group that I could never give up is:

  • red meat
  • bread and other starches
  • milk and yogurt
  • fruit smoothies

By midafternoon, I’m feeling:

  • ready to fall asleep
  • a little tired and hungry
  • very foggy, until I eat a sweet snack
  • just fine

My “comfort foods” have a:

  • warm, chewy texture
  • salty, crunchy texture
  • crispy, cold texture
  • soft, smooth texture

So which diet is best for you? If your answers were

Mostly A’s

You’re a low-carb queen!

The low-carb craze was created for adventurers like you! Enjoy juicy cuts of steak and crunchy nuts, while dropping the pounds. Plus, you’ll feel the cravings disappear as your energy rises. “Low-carb diets are a fantastic way to increase your energy,” says Baxter.

Mostly B’s

You’re a low-fat lover!

You like to be in control of your life—and diets are no different. Finding low fat foods and creating delicious meals is an exciting challenge, and you’ll thrive on the results. Spice up your favorite fish, poultry, and potato dishes with fresh fruit juices and flavorful spices.

Mostly C’s

You’re a low glycemic genius!

“A stable blood sugar will energize you all day long,” says Baxter. Stick with low glycemic foods like whole wheat bread, oatmeal, beans, and meat. You can even splurge on low-sugar treats like fruit sorbet and frozen yogurt.

Mostly D’s

You’re a smoothie fan!

If you love short cuts, then just go for the gold. Stir up a fruit smoothie, grab a yummy protein shakes, or nurse a rich Slim-Fast shake. “Trust yourself,” says Baxter. “If you love the taste of chocolate shakes, you can treat yourself while losing weight.”

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