Fascinating Facts About Your Eyes

1507-44Eyes are one of the most amazing things about the human body; they allow us to capture and process a mass of information at an astonishing rate. Eyes are vitally important to humans as the things we see shape, teach and provide us with vital information that enables us to go about our everyday lives with ease.

Commonly referred to as the windows to our soul, the average human eye is roughly one inch in diameter with only 1/6th of it is visible from the outside. These organs are relatively small compared to the importance they play in our lives, weighing in at a tiny 28grams.

Some of the most fascinating facts about eyes are not about their shape or size but their function. It’s commonly known that the eye is the one of the most powerful body parts only outdone by the brain. In fact, the eye controls around 85% of the knowledge we have about our surroundings. By processing over 35,000 bits of information in an hour they can use up to 65% of our brain power making them the vehicles for our most used sense: sight.

When images are passed through the eyes the cornea actually reads them upside down and back to front, it is the optic part of the brain that corrects the image so we process that image as the right way up.

Some myths surrounding our eyes are somewhat far fetched, but if you ever scoffed at your parents when they told you that eating your carrots would help you see better in the dark, then you’d better apologize. Beta-carotene, which is known to be help with night vision, is found in the vegetable and is converted into Vitamin A when digested. Healthy eyes can adjust quickly in the dark and it is said that, in the right conditions, they can distinguish the light of a candle up to 14 miles away.

Another amazing fact about the eyes is their ability to stay awake. Your eyes work at 100% capacity day or night so even when you’re asleep your eyes are still working. Although your actual eyes never need rest your eyelids definitely do. You can blink up to 15,000 times a day so resting them is important to your eye health.

With new improved technologies many more people are keeping their sight for longer laser eye surgery cataract surgery and conielius implants can all improve sight and keep our amazing eyes in great condition for longer. As the vehicles for our most precious sense the eyes truly are one of the most amazing organs in the human body.

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