Main Causes of Impotence

1107-20For every dysfunction that occurs in the human body there have to be causes. Similar to many other dysfunctions in the body having causes, Erectile Dysfunction is also one. Its causes are known and on the basis of them, physicians are able to recommend solutions. In cases where erectile dysfunction seems to have causes that are unknown, research still continues.

However, there are several known causes of the dysfunction and on the basis of these it is treated. It is known that taking certain medications could cause one to lose the capability of erection or effective erections. This is relative to the individual in many cases. For this reason, it is recommended that people with thus dysfunction make a note of whatever medications they have been on in recent years.

They should then show the list to their physicians so that an appropriate solution to the problem can be sought. Some of the causes of the dysfunction are below.

Medications that are normally the cause of erectile dysfunction include those that are used to treat hypertension, allergies, depression, etc. In addition to these medications there are also certain drugs that are known to cause the dysfunction. These include cocaine, marijuana and heroine. Also, men who undergo treatment for prostrate cancer tend to suffer with erectile dysfunction. This is another indication that medication affects the erection and the cancer present there.

In addition to medications and drugs being the cause of erectile dysfunction, there is a disease known as Peyronie’s disease that is harmful to erectile tissue. It is known that this disease damages an erection and it can also cause curving of the penis especially when it is erect.

Aside from diseases being the cause of erectile dysfunction, there are also hormonal problems that cause it.

Erectile dysfunction is also known to be caused by hormonal imbalances in the male body. Testosterone, prolactin, and the thyroid hormone are the few that are known to affect erections.

Diabetes is yet another cause of erectile dysfunction. This is because of the fact that nerves and blood supply in the erectile tissue usually are harmed.

In addition to blood flow to the erectile tissue being impaired because of diabetes, physical injuries may also be to blame. Also, impaired blood flow to the region is thought to be caused due to atherosclerosis.

Also, if the penis is unable to hold blood in the erectile tissue for a reasonable period, erections are unsuccessful. Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis are also diseases that cause erectile dysfunction.

Stress from work, marital disagreements, depression, etc. are psychological causes of erectile dysfunction. By solving these psychological conditions one can solve erectile dysfunction. It must be noted that erectile dysfunction in some cases may not come back to the way it was even after the psychological problems are alleviated.

This is because the erectile tissue after being used to its dysfunctional condition might have gotten too used to it.

In view of the causes of erectile dysfunction, treatments have been developed. Some of these are successful while others aren’t. This depends on the type of cause of the dysfunction.

If the cause has caused a permanent condition for the erectile tissue then one can say that it is difficult to bring an erection back to what it may have been at one time. However, in most conditions erectile dysfunctions are cured, and the treatments that are being used today are successful.

However research still continues into this area because there are still many people that do not get cured of the dysfunction.

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