Why women should not take Viagra?

1507-34Particular drugs for better health are produced in order to have intended effects. If a person does not respond to these drugs usually nothing happens; there are little or no side effects.

Though some drugs may have strong side effects, Viagra is a drug that does not have strong side effects. Particularly when men use them and they have no effect, there are no consequences.

Usually, Viagra does not have any effect on some men because it does not encompass the dysfunctional causes they have. The intended effect of Viagra is to increase the blood flow in the erectile tissue at the time of erection and also retain blood there to enhance an erection.

This is supposed to happen only when there is arousal

In view of this, for those that suffer with blood flow problems to the erectile tissue as well as blood retention there, Viagra is effective. However, for men whose erectile dysfunction is due to other reasons Viagra may be ineffective.

For men who take Viagra and it has no effect on them, it is suggested that they try some other form of treatment or medication. It is understandable for them to have tried Viagra, but is not understood why women start taking it. This is because Viagra does not really have benefits for women consuming it. It may not even have any side effects when they consume it, but the point is that there are no chances of it affecting the way it affects men.

This is because of the fact that women do not have erectile tissues. The drug cannot possibly affect them the way it can affect men. Hence it is not recommended for women. It could alternatively be understood that women enhance their blood flow in parts of their bodies through using Viagra.

However, it is not known what effect this produces as far as sex is concerned. If a woman is already fine with sexual functions there is no need for using Viagra at all. Yet, there are statistics that tell one about a significant number of women believing that they benefit from Viagra. How far this is true, there is no clinical evidence to back it up. Perhaps the effects that they do experience are psychological. If the drug does affect women positively in any way like psychologically, it is fine for them to go on using it. This is alright as long as there are no side effects.

However, the average man would wonder why a woman wants to spend money on something that does not really cater to her needs; there is no clinical evidence, and even if the average man looks at how Viagra works in a man he would automatically question its effects on a woman. This is simply because of the fact that women do not have the organs that men have, and since Viagra is meant to target particular organs in the male (the erectile tissue) how could it possibly have effects on a women?

One may go on wondering the possible effects of Viagra on women, but for the time being it is thought that the causes of these claimed effects are purely psychological.


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