Eyelash Growth Products, Treatments

1507-33“I only have to do three things to look halfway decent, curl my eyelashes, fill in my eyebrows and put some lipstick on,” Courtney Cox once said. (Brainy Quote.com) Unfortunately most women have to do much more than this beautiful actor! One of the banes of growing older, especially at menopause, is thinning eyelashes and hair.

Many women will try almost anything to lengthen their eyelashes – even eyelash implants are gaining in popularity. There is no need to go to this drastic extent, however.


Some women swear by the old, natural remedies of castor, olive or emu oil. According to the Beauty Brains, a group of cosmetic scientists, no scientific evidence exists that castor oil makes eyelashes grow. (The Beauty Brains.com) The same applies to olive and emu oil. Some women have complained that putting oils on their eyelashes blurs their vision so it may not be a good idea.


Some women think that Vaseline will lengthen their eyelashes but there is no evidence for this. Using a small amount at night will condition and moisturize them, but be very careful not to use too much because the eyelashes can easily stick together and it can be messy!

Eyelash Growth Products

A big scare occurred last year when US Marshals seized thousands of tubes of Age Intervention Eyelash by Jan Marini. This contained bimatoprost, an ingredient used in a drug to treat glaucoma. The FDA stated that using this product could cause adverse products such as inflammation and swelling of the retina. An increased risk of optic nerve damage applied to people taking the drug and using the product. This could lead to blindness. Jan Marini now manufacture a new version of the product without this ingredient.

Similar products can be bought, such as RevitaLash, but it is still unclear how safe they are. It is probably advisable to keep away from these cosmetics until the situation is clarified.

Talika contains plant-based ingredients but some women have experienced irritation using this product, and many complain that it doesn’t work.

Eyelash Curlers

As Courtney Cox suggests, curling the eyelashes before applying mascara is a good idea. Some curlers apply a small amount of heat which increases the curl and won’t burn. Curlers do make the eyelashes appear longer.


Applying an eyelash conditioner before mascara helps prevent them getting too dry. Find waterproof mascara which sticks to the eyelashes lightly and apply more to the outer lashes. Look up when applying the mascara.

These tips should help make eyelashes look longer. It’s worth trying fake eyelashes if the length is still too short!


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