What is Generic Viagra and the Difference between Pfizer Viagra and Generic Viagra?

PFIZER CANADA INC. - Pfizer Canada Announces New Lower Price forWhat is Viagra: The word Viagra is one of the medical terms that is on the tips of every man’s tongue who has problems with erection. It is because of this willingness to use Viagra that men may be deceived. Viagra is a drug to enhance sex arousal without any side effects. It must be noted that Viagra by Pfizer has been approved by the FDA and is safe to consume. It is believed that 4 out of 5 men have had the intended effects of Viagra by Pfizer. This is because it has been able to work according to what it promised them.

Working according to what Viagra by Pfizer promises means that Viagra has its intended affect of enhancing erectile functions according to what they should naturally be.

Function of Viagra: This means that the blood flow into the erectile tissue is the main function to control. Pfizer’s Viagra manages to control properly the blood flow into the erectile tissue in order to get the optimum erection.

In addition to this, the medicine makes sure that the erection lasts for a significant period. Also, it must be asserted that erections are not prolonged as one might believe it to be; some people have the notion that it causes prolonged erections that can be uncomfortable.

However, this is not true in the case of Pfizer’s Viagra because of the fact that it is believed to maintain things as close as possible to the average healthy man’s sexual functions in terms of erection.

Generic Viagra: In contrast to Pfizer’s Viagra, Generic Viagra is different. This is because there are official releases against it, and one should be aware of this because it is said to be harmful.

Unlike Pfizer’s Viagra that is now in operation and popular among millions of people there is generic Viagra that has many people misled. This is true to assert because of the fact that there has been increased awareness against it. In view of this, it must be said that it is considered illegal and also potentially dangerous.

Generic Viagra may be loaded with a composition of inappropriate substances that initially have positive effects but then also have severe repercussions. It is because of this that it is not approved by the FDA. The FDA finds it indeed difficult to approve medicines such as these that are manufactured in places outside the US. This is because it is really difficult to determine what the quality of the medicines is.

Countries producing this medicine may not adhere to the required standards, and for this reason it may not be accepted as a standard medicine for erectile dysfunction. In view of all that is against generic Viagra it must be emphasized that it is not considered legal to sell or buy it in the US.

In contrast to Pfizer’s Viagra that has particular signs that announce its authenticity, generic Viagra has some of the following signs that one should watch out for.

What is meant by Generic Viagra: If a site offers ‘generic Viagra’ or ‘generic sildenafil citrate’ it means that it is illegal. Also, if the medicine is unusually cheap, something is amiss. This may be a reduced price of up to 70 percent.

The site at which the medicine is available may even claim to have adhered to World health Organization standards, which would obviously be a lie because the WHO does not deal in approving any medication. Another point to watch out for is the medicine being I the form of a diamond when it actually is sold as a pill. Also, if generic Viagra goes by the any of the following names means that it is illegal: Caverta, Veega, Kamagra, Edgera, Juan, Penegra, or Vigrex, etc.

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