You Need Supplements to Lose Fat?Wrong!

1007-08The task of a good diet and attitude (self image) are the only things that you lose fat permanently. The supplements are not required. Some supplements are designed for “nutrition insurance purposes”, and some supplements can help the process lost a little fat, but not that advertising May, forced to believe.

The surcharges, which have proved effective only for a small part of the results to be achieved. Based on 20 years experience in strength training and fitness, I think that at least 97% of their results come from a good education and a healthy diet.

If the majority of results come from the diet and training, why prosecution after the last of 3% “edge” if you are not yet up to the first 97%? This approach is not quite the opposite?

Focus on your diet and training FIRST!

Believe it or not, advanced students, athletes and bodybuilders probably more advantages in the use of additional beginners.

Level athletes, one of which is “maximum output from their training and nutrition programs. Your diet are flawless. Their training is very intense. Their unwavering discipline.

Once you have a high degree of development of intelligence, intense, the training methods and the quality of nutrition and more, contact your finally, the genetic potential to slow the game. Progress and can be continued indefinitely, but go further implementation is at this time that supplements and other “minor” details make the the difference.

World athletics competitions can be won or lost in hundredths seconds, one tenth point, a portion of the book, or an opinion by a single. The additional expenditure of 3%, the provision of supplements are the difference between winners and losers.

Now above the average for the beginner or intermediary: you are always eating junk skip meals and foods. They are still working. And what to do? They appreciated, he immediately sold a “link” in the form of tablets or powder. It is a shame that so many people in search of simple means to do this, instead of pressure to learn how we eat and train.

There is no sense in addition to the first great hope find a way easier. Get your diet and training in the order and

Maximization of the first 97%. After your training and nutrition is that then by all means start of the lice and sweat of things: With take advantage of all the moral, natural and legal excellence possible to help to 100% of their potential and gaining a competitive advantage.

Respected physiologists of the year Dr Tim goats foot Kent State said, “The supplements should be the cherry on the cake.” It is a good way to look. If someone tries to convince you that the additions are and can not reach your goals without the attention, they are probably an attempt to make something to sell.


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