Walk For A Whole New You

1507-43You can walk to tone or strengthen your legs. You should walk to tone and strengthen your life. Walk for you – your body, mind, and spirit! You are probably bored silly with articles about the benefits of walking. Well, until now! Now you can get the inside scoop about walking.

Short walks are the sparks which burn calories. Longer walks are the burning flames which devour calories. Any walking regime, however, should be approved by your physician. Beginners should start with short walks. Walkers can gradually build up to a longer routine. Any extra walking minutes will depend on your well-being and your doctor’s advice. If long walks are compatible with your health, then you are in for a pleasant surprise.

After a continuous 45 minute walk, your body has burned all the available sugars. With the destruction of the sugars behind it then your body can attack stored body fat. Hurray for longer walks!

Walking gives you a reason to buy the latest gadget – the most innovative pedometer! The best pedometers can count steps, measure distance, and count calories. Pedometers can motivate you. Pedometers can help you reach the healthy daily goal of 10,000 steps.

A 45 minute walk knocks off 6000 of those vital steps. Top pedometers have at least a 7 day memory. High tech pedometers utilize GPS(global positioning)technology to make all the calculations. Walkers appreciate the accurate feedback.

Walking tunes up that brain! Walking tones and improves your focus. It also helps you with spatial relationships.You can see more clearly the relationships between objects. You can also decipher better how you relate to objects within your environment.

Your brain gets the most benefit from walking in the midst of nature. A research study showed that brain function improved at a higher rate for park walkers versus downtown walkers. Urban walking presents the brain with more complex stimuli. Nature walking simply restores both you and your brain.

Walk for your relationships! Walking correctly with another ensures that there will be conversation. Proper walking speed allows you to converse comfortably with another. You can open and improve communication with a walking partner – whether they are a spouse, a friend, or a relative. You can even make plans for more adventures. Good relationships make for a happier you. Walking can give your life a renewed vigor and spirit.

Walk for your body, your mind, and your spirit! Walk for a whole new you!


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