Causes of Anxiety Attacks

1107-26Before we can discuss the causes of anxiety attacks, you need to understand that there are a lot of different things that can occur in someone’s life that result in anxiety disorders. While one person might get set off by a specific thing, the same situation might be laughable to another, however, there are a few things that have been proven to be linked to anxiety attacks. Medical experts have concluded that environmental, biological, mental, societal, and life experiences can all lead to panic and anxiety disorders.

Firstly, some people have a genetic predisposition for anxiety and panic conditions. There is some evidence that hints that your personal heredity and environment you were raised in can lead to problems with anxiety, though this is no reason why this should lead you to give up hope for recovery. There are studies that conclude that anxiety episodes can run in families. When one identical twin gets a panic disorder, the other twin tends to run a greater risk of also ending up with a panic disorder. While non-identical twins also share a less intense link in anxiety conditions. There is also evidence that suggests that anxiety can be a learned behavior as well that we pick up from our parents.

Some causes of anxiety attacks can be traced to personality. Some personality types just tend to be highly anxious. People that have low self-esteem may also run a greater risk for attaining anxiety attacks. If you have not picked up effective ways of coping with stress from day to day life you also may have more frequent anxiety attacks. Perfectionists also have a good chance of experiencing a panic attack or nervous breakdown when their detailed plans do not live up to their expectations. These personality traits can always be adjusted by changing our beliefs.

When certain things happen to us we can sometimes get anxiety attacks. When sustained for a long time, violent and abusive situations tend to influence a person’s likelihood of experiencing panic attacks. If you have endured difficult life circumstances you may wish to search out counseling or other treatment options to move past these experiences.

Certain medical issues have also been known to be proven to lead to increased amounts of anxiety. High blood pressure, diabetes, or an overactive thyroid are all known to effect your levels of anxiety. Sometimes just the overwhelm of dealing with a serious condition can aggravate your anxiety.

This quick introduction to the causes of anxiety attacks has hopefully helped you get a better understanding of some of the many reasons a person might experience an anxiety attack. With understanding, I hope that you can begin on the journey toward mastering your thoughts and retaking control of your life.


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