Lasting Weight Loss In Healthy Way

1507-32Obesity new story in the past week than usual. The Journal of the American Medical Association an article on the causes of death in the United States in 2000. Poor nutrition and inactivity approximately 400,000 deaths or 16.6 percent, just behind the guard to tobacco, which remains the commonest cause of death in 18.1 percent. In addition, hundreds of information sources transports the story that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in May soon ask the producers of food and the restaurants offer a better identification with the goal of reducing obesity.

Despite the real message of health, Americans need to improve the diet and physically active people to “hear” that they need in order to lose weight. Therefore, the books, programs and products that promise weight loss grow in popularity. The problem is only on the weight loss and fat loss is not that most of these approaches can not be that short-term success, not because it does not lead to a healthy diet and increased.

We believe that it is time hammer the key concepts of “Weight Loss 101″:

  • Obesity is not the problem. Be in the form of fat and not the problem.
  • The fact to lose weight is not the goal. The development of a state of fitness is the goal.
  • Eat a good diet is the goal. The loss of body fat, which is fading.
  • Why gradually from body fat? Why not earlier?

Rapid weight loss is not the loss of fat. Rapid loss of fat is not possible. One pound of body fat contains about 3500 calories.To of perspective, a 200 lb. person needs about 24 miles execution, sufficient calories, a fat book of tissue.In but the main part for the storage of carbohydrates as glycogen, contains about 450 calories per book, how he approaches the water. To create a book of glycogen, the 200-pound man needs only three miles.

Weight loss also by the loss of muscle tissue that is about 330 calories per book. Body proteins can be lost

When the power is too low, protein and carbohydrates. If someone tells you that a book to lose, you should ask: “What?”

What “eat a healthy diet”mean?

In relation to the control of weight and weight loss, in which a person for the food, the nutrient needs is moderately

Calories and offers a wide range of foods to maintain a good health. Rapid loss of many diets do not meet the nutrient requirements. You can make a quick weight loss when compared to the loss Muscle proteins and water. But little fat is lost. A large amount of weight loss, reduces the muscle proteins of the calories the body needs, so difficult, a lower weight. If the weight loss from the loss of fat (weight loss, slow), can be harder to lose body fat and easy to reach.


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