Men and the psychology of Impotence

1107-19People, wherever they are need to feel secure and sure of themselves. If they have everything going well for them in terms of success and health they are pleased with their lives. There are also people who are cautious about their health because they need to feel good about themselves.

They tend to look after themselves a little extra than others would. This of course is something positive, and one should never be discouraged from doing. Some people think highly of themselves when they are in good health. Men in particular think highly of themselves, and this is especially in the case of their sexuality.

A Man’s Sexuality and His Psychology

A man’s sexuality is very important to him generally speaking. In fact, he feels good when he has children because he manages to prove to himself that he is well and functioning perfectly. It is obvious then what a major role the male ability to have sex has on the psychology of a man.

Hence, having an erection is very important because without it one may not be able to prove him self. In view of this, when some men suffer with impotence they feel psychologically defeated. This is because of the fact that man loses the animal instinct to dominate and spread his kind.

This is asserted on the basis of one having the instinctive ability to have sex and have offspring that would carry on a breed. In man, this is about the same thing. Though he is a social animal he has strong instincts, and when these instincts are withdrawn from him he suffers psychologically. In fact, a man who cannot have sex properly and not get an erection does not feel complete and thinks lowly of himself.

Blood Flow and Impotence

Impotence therefore is a serious problem as there are several men that suffer with it. Research has indeed dug deep into this problem, and it is because of this that there are quite a few remedies for the problem. This has helped men significantly, and research at the moment still continues in order to create better remedies for impotence.

The basic problem that research has targeted includes the principle of blood flow into the erectile tissue. It has been discovered that this is the main function, and anything that causes impaired blood flow should be treated. In view of this there have been particular remedies to bring back blood flow to what it may have been at one time. In most cases, this principle is successful. However, there are few cases that cannot be helped by the drugs developed to do so.

This means that other solutions need to be sought. If impotence is removed from a man, he returns to his normal manly psychology. He gets psychological strength after being treated, and this is not because of drugs acting on his brain, but is in fact a very natural response to feeling good because of his sexual recovery.

The treatment phase

The recovery process is one that has the patient wondering what would be the result, and in most cases the patient when cured comes out feeling fine. However, those that do not respond to any form of treatment might feel terribly defeated. This is because all their hopes might be washed away.

However, with research into this subject continuing it is hoped that in the future there will be more options for those who do not respond to the current treatments.


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