Six Simple Ways to Get Happy

Allow Yourself to Feel Sad

Enjoying the sunWhile it may seem counter-intuitive, allowing yourself to feel sad can open the door to happiness. Lives are like seasons: sometimes it’s summer and the sun shines, sometimes it’s winter and you feel gray. Instead of judging your feelings, simply feel what you feel, and let go of it when it’s time. A good cry can help. Also, thinking about why you feel sad (if there is a reason) can help you find solutions. Instead of repressing your sadness, let it follow a natural path.

Do Things That Make You Happy

Do you love sailing? Or drinking tea with your friends? Or jumping on the trampoline in your underwear? Don’t let anyone stop you!! Whatever activities make you feel incredibly happy are incredibly important. Invest in your passion. Life is short—why not live it well?

Do Things That Make You Healthy

You’ve heard them say that exercise is good for you. And that eating well and quitting smoking and going to bed early is a good idea. Blah, blah, blah. But wait! Have you tried making some of those small changes? Like they say, your body is a temple. If you treat it with care and kindness, you will feel better.

Stop Thinking Things That Make You Unhappy

Negative thoughts lead to negative feelings. For example: you think that lady at the post office doesn’t like you. Now, when you go to the post office, you feel slightly rejected. Later, you start feeling like a pathetic loser that nobody likes. Stop! Examine your thoughts. First of all, it’s probably not about you. Most of the time, other people are thinking about themselves, not you. Second of all, who cares whether she likes you or not? Much of the time, this bad thoughts stem from meaningless concerns, and lead to unnecessary pain. Nip them in the bud, acknowledge them, and then kick them out of your brain.

Think Things That Make You Happy

Gratitude is a precious gift. Do you have a family? A dog? A roof over your head? Can you read? You are so lucky! Sometimes life spins along so quickly that you forget to appreciate what you have. If you focus on the blessings in your life, you will feel better and better.


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