Teen Acne Treatment

1007-01Acne is most common during the teen years. Acne almost seems to just be considered something that must be dealt with during this stage of life and many just accept that nothing can be done about it, but that isn’t true. Treatments are available that can at least reduce the severity of acne during the teen years. As high as 85% of teens suffer from acne according to the most recent research. Having acne sometimes can severely impact a teen’s social life as well as his/her physical appearance at a time in one’s life when these two elements are very interrelated. Because of that interrelation, acne may make teens feel unattractive and can result in low self-esteem and even depression.

The high occurrence of teen acne is caused by the hormonal changes taking place during puberty and throughout the teen years. In addition to hormonal changes, teen girls also often start experimenting with cosmetics and this can sometimes make the development of acne more likely or aggravate existing acne because of the ingredients in the products. Common misconceptions are that acne is caused by bad hygiene, greasy foods or chocolate. That is not the case.

What can you do to help your teen get through the acne prone teen years? First, assure them that they are not alone. Most of their friends are also battling acne. Remind them of the infomercials they see on television where well known celebrities talk about their acne problems so they realize that even the rich and famous and those they idolize have had to deal with it too so they are not alone. Point out that those people did deal with it, seek treatment and are now happy with their appearance and your teen can be also.

Let them know that many cases of acne will clear up once the hormonal changes of the teen years are over so it isn’t something they will be have to deal with forever. However, don’t assume that all cases will clear up on their own. If your teen’s case is severe or causing such issues as low self-esteem and/or depression, make an appointment for them to see a dermatologist for treatment. If treatment is prescribed, be aware of what the treatment is and help to make sure your teen follows it as directed. In cases where acne is causing low self-esteem or depression, counseling services may be needed to deal with those feelings.

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