Tadalafil Usage

1007-03Erectile dysfunction plagues many men in America and there are many pills today that can help this problem. Tadalafil is taken to help relax the smooth muscles in the penis allowing for proper blood flow causing an erection. But what else can tadalafil treat?

Tadalafil’s most common use

Tadalafil is most commonly used for treatment in erectile dysfunction but was first developed to try and ease heart problems. It was shown in many different tests that tadalafil had a great effect on erectile dysfunction. The nitric oxide in tadalafil is released into the blood stream and helps the smooth muscle in the penis relax allowing blood flow into two cigar shaped tubes in the penis called the corpus cavernosum. Once a sufficient amount of blood is in the corpus cavernosum the penis becomes elongated and rigid making it erect. If the blood does not reach the corpus cavernosum it will stay in a non erect stage. Tadalafil also helps the corpus cavernosum to become un-constricted also allowing blood to flow properly into the penis.

Pulmonary hypertension

Pulmonary hypertension or PH is an increase in blood pressure in the pulmonary artery, pulmonary vein or pulmonary capillaries, together known as the lung vasculature. This leads to shortness of breath, dizziness, fainting and other symptoms which are brought on by exertion.

Symptoms can develop gradually so many patients might not notice them at first and delay seeing a doctor. Symptoms include shortness of breath, fatigue, non productive cough, angina pectoris, fainting or swelling of the limbs usually around the ankles and feet. These symptoms occur because the blood vessels constrict and reduce the supply of oxygenated blood being circulated throughout the body.

How can Tadalafil help?

Since tadalafil releases nitric oxide to relax blood vessels and allow proper blood flow and lowers blood pressure, it can effectively treat pulmonary hypertension. Hypertension means high blood pressure and hypotension means low blood pressure. A side effect of tadalafil is hypotension, so that means it will lower your blood pressure and help ease pulmonary hypertension.

Tadalafil and men with diabetes

One side effect of diabetes is erectile dysfunction. It is safe for men with diabetes to take a smaller dosage of tadalafil and experience great results. Tests have shown that for men with diabetes who took the drug experienced a significant improvement in erections and successful intercourse attempts.

Tadalafil and alcohol

It is advised that while taking tadalafil you do not drink alcohol in access and it can cause increased risk of hypotension. Men who drink five or more alcoholic beverages a day while taking tadalafil can develop certain problems including increased risk of hypotension. Men who drink less than five alcoholic beverages a day will probably be fine though you should always check with your doctor first.

Tadalafil is mostly affiliated with erectile dysfunction but has been shown recently to help pulmonary hypertension by lowering the blood pressure and relaxing the smooth muscle in the heart.


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