Do You Need Prescription Sleep Aids?

1007-07If you have spent several sleepless nights, you may be suffering from insomnia or another sleep disorder. With the kind of lifestyle and work schedules we follow today, there are number of people including kids and adults who find it difficult to stay asleep the entire night. The best way to over come sleep disorder is to mend your way of living which many find hard to do. Before taking the artificial way to cure insomnia, it is advisable to try the natural sleep aids.

However, with many people finding it hard to stick to the natural remedies, medicine sleep aids are now available. There are several sleeping pills available in the market; however to be on a safer side you should consult the doctor and buy the prescribed pills. Prescription sleep medication is safe and reliable to use. Each person has a different system and hence each body reacts differently to medication. If you pop in sleeping medicines that do not suit your body or land up taking a heavy dose, you are at risk. Most medicines contain diphenhydramine and doxylamine that makes you feel drowsy and less alert. Hence, you need to take them only in the prescribed form.

The benzodiazapines pills work on your body from 3 to 25 hours that may cause dependence with frequent use. These pills work better when used occasionally but have low effects with regular use. However, long use of these pills can cause severe problems or reactions to your body. Ambien and Sonata are other such sleep aids, but their effects last for not more than 5 hours. Tricyclic antidepressants are found to be safe and induce peaceful sleep. Some of the sleep aids consist of antihistamines that help you fall asleep. They however leave you feeling drowsy the next day. There are herbal sleep aids as well, but you still need to consume them after consulting the doctor.

Rozerem is a medication used as a sleep aid; however it is bit different from the rest prescribed medications. Rozerem puts you to sleep gently, just like you would fall asleep naturally. However, it is not a sleeping aid for all. Only few adults can take it after consulting the doctor. Also there are some side effects of Rozerem. It can affect testosterone and prolactin and hence one should be careful when consuming Rozerem. You should not take it until you are not sure how it would react on your body. Avoid working on any machinery or driving as you may not be alert.

Sleeping pills are not meant for lifelong use, but are taken for some period of days depending upon the depth of the problem. Once the sleep patters are altered, you are advised to stop it. However, you need to stop the intake of sleeping pills gradually or you may suffer from rebound insomnia.

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