Penis Enlargment is a Fallacy

1107-13Women usually like saying that a man’s ego is as big as his penis, or the size of the man’s penis is directly proportional to the size of his brain. Such phrases while funny are not humorous to the man in question. Men are creatures very sensitive about their sexual prowess. While women tend to keep quite about their sexual conquests men like to boast about it—even if there is little truth in the narration.

This division in belief comes from the societal norms where women were supposed to be virginal while men experienced. While times have changed the conservative beliefs have not and the concepts of the past remain valid today, as far as public beliefs are concerned.

Thus, we come to Penis Enlargement. Women want bigger breasts, men want bigger penises. Women get silicone breasts, men, well men are still searching for an answer to increase the length of their penis.

Anyone online today has received unsolicited e-mails about ‘increasing your penis size’ and ‘be more confident down there.’ Is there any truth in these so called remedies or is it a fallacious gimmick catering to the men’s egos?

According to research there is no evidence that suggests that there is anyway the length of a man’s penis can be increased. There are no medications, exercise or weights that would enlarge the man’s length or girth of penis. No medical device has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration and surgery remains controversial. Surgery is not a very acceptable method of penis enlargement mainly because the outcome is unknown; there is a 50-50 chance of success.

While there is reconstructive surgery for penises that have been defectively affected in accidents or birth the procedure for cosmetic penis surgery is different. To lengthen a penis the surgeon snips the suspensory ligament that attaches the penis to the pubic bone and moves the skin from part of the abdomen to the penile shaft.

Once the ligament stabilizes the penis seems erect as it tilts upward and when its cut it looks longer as more of it hangs outside the body cavity. However, the disadvantage is that the snipping of the ligament may cause the penis to wobble and be seen at odd angles-sometimes vertical, sometimes horizontal.

To increase the width the doctors tend to inject fat from some part of the body into the penis. Yet, according to the researches this fat insertion is not very reliable as over a period of time the fat can be absorbed by the body causing the penis to become flax. This method has been described as “a new and unproven cosmetic procedure of unknown safety” with potential risks that include infection, skin or sensory loss, excessive bleeding and loss of function.”

Thus there is no such thing as penile enlargement and men should not prove women right by spending their hard earned money on penis enlargement.


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