Anti-Anxiety Food

1107-34There are some excellent anti-anxiety food choices along with lifestyle changes you can make that are very effective at eliminating anxiety.

Is Anxiety Normal?

Anxiety is a tool of the human body that is meant to be a healthy response to stress is in life or even to a dangerous situation. The classic fight or flight response was quite helpful when we lived in a world of physical danger, however, modern life stresses cause this response in our body without a means to burn up the nervous energy. Traffic jams, deadlines, financial concerns can create this response in our bodies, but physical action is really appropriate. Instead, we endure the unpleasant sensation of a rapid heartbeat and tense muscles, often while having to smile at our customer or other person who is creating our stress.

This takes a toll on our bodies. People who are exposed to prolonged anxiety, those who are going through a divorce for example or who are subject to intense pressures at work, often suffer from high blood pressure, insomnia, digestive problems, skin disorders, mood swings, depression, and many or other conditions. The effects of anxiety can also make an existing health problem worse. What is an Anxiety disorder?

It is considered a disorder when it becomes an excessive amount of worry that lasts longer than six months. What is excessive? Any ancious response that is out of proportion to its cause. At this point the source of the anxiety cannot be determined and the sufferer feels anxious continually. People with anxiety disorders may experience panic attacks without an apparent cause. During a panic attack the heart pounds, breathing becomes rapid, you may break out into a cold sweat, experienced tingling in the extremities, or feel dizzy and weak. Although panic attacks usually last only a few seconds to half an hour, they can be quite frightening. People may feel certain that they are having a heart attack or a stroke or simply feel overwhelmed by intense fear.

Although there are prescription drugs for anxiety disorders, they are often addictive and can have disturbing side-effects. If you anxiety has not become too intense, there are many natural supplements for anxiety that can be quite effective.

Calcium and magnesium: These minerals naturally help calm the nervous system and promote relaxation and are some of the best and safest natural supplements for anxiety.

Anxiety is often accompanied by depression. Dietary changes can be very helpful for depression as well.

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