Why Men prefer to buy Viagra online?

1107-10Psychology of men: When we try to understand the psychology of men it will be easy to understand why men prefer to buy Viagra online. Men are whimsical creatures that have huge egos. Freud based the human psychology on sex and where men are concerned he was not that off the track.

Men have a concept of the self that can be seen as ‘immense’ and this self is related directly to their sexual ability. Jokes, attitudes and even their self esteem, is built around, in most cases, the opposite sex. When men are unable to control their sexual ability they to some extent lose control of their self.

Cause of Erectile Dysfunction: If a man is then suffering from impotence or erectile dysfunction [ED] either due to psychological or physiological reasons you can rest assured that it will not be a problem that men will discuss with anyone. Men are very protective of their inactive sex lives as they see themselves as being measured by their sexual prowess. The fact is men will not even go to their doctor for treatment due to the embarrassment they feel!

ED Statistics: According to statistics drawn from the National Institutes of Health 5% of all American 40-year old men are impotent and 25% of all men under 40 suffer at some time from ED. With such statistics it’s hard to understand the Viagra controversy.

Men need help and Viagra is the solution. Yet, not one man I know would be willing to walk up to their local pharmacists and ask for Viagra. It’s not only a psychological issue; rather it’s a social issue as well.

When we speak of Viagra its in whispers, boys giggle, grown men blush and women arch their eyebrows as if the man is no longer a ‘man’ in the true sense of the word. This causes men to hide their problem rather than seeking help. With the emergence of Viagra as a pill that cures impotence in 3 out of 5 men, the pill is seen as nothing short of a miracle.

Buying Viagra Online: That Viagra can be bought online, in a pharmacy where no one would be the wiser is a temptation not to be resisted. Men prefer to buy in an online pharmacy because an online pharmacy is away from prying eyes and offers them a cure to their impotence that is:

  1. Secure
  2. Confidential
  3. Safe
  4. Private
  5. Helps restore their self esteem.

No matter how much these online Viagra pharmacies are maligned the fact is they offer 30 million men in America alone the chance to regenerate their sex life and restore their lost self esteem!

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