Eye-Bags and Dark Circles

1107-40The under-eye area is incredibly delicate and fragile. Dark circles appear when the blood vessels close to the surface become overly apparent. Under-eye bags appear when the muscles above and below the eyelids lose their elasticity. The fat which lies underneath may be forced out, causing the puffiness.

Dark circles are often an indication of an inadequate circulatory system. As the skin underneath the eyes is so thin, the blood passing through the blood vessels makes the skin appear blue. When water and blood leak out into the tissue, they cause inflammation, which makes the appearance of the circles seem even darker.

Dark circles often run in families. If members of your family suffer from dark circles, there’s a good chance you will suffer from them too, or already do so. Exposure to sun and the environment encourage the production of melanin, which makes the under-eye area appear even darker.

An inadequate intake of vitamins and minerals can also contribute to dark circles. A diet which is rich in salt can make the dark circles look darker. Circles also look more prominent when you are tired or have a pale complexion.

Rubbing your eyes contributes to the prominence of dark circles too. Some forms of eczema produce red lines underneath the eyes, known as Dennys Lines. These often appear without being encouraged by rubbing the eyes.

Any medications which make the blood vessels dilate will encourage the under-eye area to become darker.

As you age, the under-eye area becomes darker. The already thin under-eye skin becomes even more transparent, creating folds of excess skin.

You don’t need to buy expensive beauty products to treat under-eye bags. Several very thin slices of potato placed over your closed eyes for around 10 minutes can help to “tighten” the eye area to make eye-bags less noticeable.

If in doubt, it is best to seek medical advice, as dark circles and under-eye bags can sometimes be an indication of an underlying problem which requires advice from a doctor.


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