Over the Counter Sleep Aids

1107-51How many times have you caught yourself turning over several times in the middle of the night? There are many occasions when we find our self gazing at the ceiling or worrying about not getting sleep at odd night hours. Call it insomnia or sleep disorder we all have faced this problem at some time or the other. After spending many sleepless nights you want to try a sleeping pill that you have heard of so many times.

There are many over the counter pills that are available in the market that help you get a good night sleep. However, these sleeping pills should be consumed only on the prescription of the doctor. You may feel that these over the counter pills will work for you throughout your life. This is a myth and these pills should be taken only for a short period of time. These pills work to set your sleep cycle and help you stay asleep the entire night. Over the counter pills help to build a schedule for your body to sleep and get up at a fixed time, hence the pills are normally taken for seven to ten days.

Before you switch over to the artificial way of fighting insomnia, you should consult your doctor. Always ask for pills that have low dosage and effect. Sleeping pills are not a new thing but exist since a very long time. There are several pills available to help you fall asleep .In the earlier days, herbal portions were used to help a person overcome sleep disorder. Today, most of the medications include antihistamines that make you feel drowsy and eventually help you to remain asleep the entire night. These pills work against the central nervous system to help you fall asleep. These tablets have a better effect if they are used less frequently; however if you get habituated it will have not as much of an effect on your system.

Nytol and Sominex are other over the counter pills that are easily available. Melatonin has been popular for treating insomnia. It is a synthetic hormone that helps to control the body clock. In most of the cases, melatonin has been successful in treating insomnia and other sleep disorders, however some have experienced headache, drowsiness and stomach discomfort. Melatonin is synthesized with amino acid tryptophan. Food items such as rice, oat and sweet corn contain small amounts of melatonin.

There are certain things that you need to follow and understand before you consume sleeping pills as sleep aids. Take the pills as per the prescription of the doctor. If a larger dose is taken you body may face adverse effects. These pills tend to make you feel drowsy and less alert; do not undertake any such task that needs you to be completely awake. Avoid alcohol, caffeine while you are on the sleeping pills. An important thing to be followed is do not suddenly stop the medication or you may suffer from rebound insomnia, which is worse than sleep disorder.

Though sleeping pills are not really advisable, you can consume them under the supervision of the doctor and continue for a short period of time. Indulge in natural remedies like altering your diet and lifestyle, to lead a healthy life.


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