Viagra Humor

1107-12True that one has to be careful with medicines that are used for specific intended effects. This is because of the adverse reactions that one may have to a particular medicine. Indeed, it must be said that people usually refrain from having medicines that might get them into trouble or at least take lower doses of these medicines. In view of having medicines that are directly related to sexual disorders or dysfunctions one should be very careful.

It is suggested that one should be careful first of all in case there are severe side effects regarding conditions involving the heart and blood pressure. However, it is another story altogether when someone is affected with an overdose that leads to prolonged erection.

In view of the effects that Viagra may have, it is recommended that men take a specific amount of it in order to prevent them from being uncomfortable. However, one taking excess of it males can often be singled among a line of men. This is because of the horrendous shape that develops around the contours of their bodies. Such odd shapes can easily be made out if one happens to show up at work in the morning after an overdose of Viagra.

Quite obviously, one’s superiors might have odd expressions on their faces and their colleagues might snicker as they walk by. However, the one who over doses might not even notice the prolonged erection because of the numbness accompanying it. The only time that one would notice anything odd is in the morning when one prepares to go to work.

However, being in a hurry could cause one to skip the detail, which is no more a little detail. Being a big detail for that matter is hard to over look, and even if one does happen to over look it, it could be very easily be mowed over. Yes, this is the zipper to blame now; it zips everything in its path.

Even if the erectile tissue manages to survive the zipper it won’t escape anyone’s eye or the dangerous paths one has to pass by daily. Forget worrying about reaching the office with an unusual look on because that look could end up quite different if there happens to be an accident on the way.

An accident? What kind of accident? Well, one can never really say. One could end up as the last person in the elevator and get stuck right up to the elevator door. Guess what can happen there as the door closes.

If the elevator may spare one, it could well be a car door being shut. Don’t even ask how hard the door was slammed while Viagra ‘extra’ stood up to it. Talk about pain, this is really the ultimate paint, discomfort embarrassment, excitement, etc. Phew! One really needs to be careful as far as the dose is concerned or become a Viagra ‘extra’ and become ‘extra’ noticeable or be in ‘extra’ pain. Hence, one can say that there is no need for extra Viagra. Consume only what is prescribed and nothing more if safety is a priority.

Thinking about extra Viagra to please one’s wife, a husband better lock up the Viagra before any one else in the house takes it accidentally thinking they are simple vitamins. Suppose one’s wife accidentally drops a few of them in a glass of milk and gives them to her husband as a night pack for a tight sleep. Phew!!! What a rough night would lie ahead instead, and an even difficult day to follow!!!

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