Baby Oil. Ten Tips for Saving Money

1107-41Baby oil is good for baby skin. We all know that. Sensitive baby skin, freshly in the world, must be cosseted and nourished with completely safe products. It therefore follows that baby oil should be good for the rest of us too.

In a number of ways, you can benefit from using baby oil, often saving money at the same time. Here are some of the ideas for its use that have been tried and tested against more expensive products.

Baby oil will combat dry skin all over your body. After your bath or shower and before you get dry, pour just a little into your palm and rub it into your skin. Start at your feet and work your way up, adding a couple more drops in your hand as you need it. You’ll never have to buy another body moisturizer, and your hands will benefit too.

If you are trying to get a trace of warm color with a tanning moisturizer, first rub some baby oil into the areas of skin you want to treat. It will help the tanning product glide on smoothly and evenly, giving you the lovely healthy glow you want.

It’s great for after sun too, and if you’ve overdone it a bit, you won’t peel if you use baby oil regularly afterwards.

At the end of the day, put a few drops on some cotton wool and wipe away your mascara and other eye make-up. It will all come away easily and leave your lashes and eye area nourished.

Include it with your manicure kit and you won’t have to buy cuticle softener. Just take drops on the end of your fore-fingers and rub them into the cuticles of your other hand before you gently push them back.

It’s good in just the same way for your toenails, too.

Use it to massage your feet, or someone else’s. That’s a wonderful pick me up after a long day.

It also makes a good body massage oil. Mix it with your aromatherapy oils to make them go further. Or use it on its own to make your and your partner’s bodies shiny and slippery and pep up your sex life.

Try it on dry, brittle hair, too. Just a little touched on the ends will add shine and smooth them down until your next hair wash day.

Finally, don’t forget your hands. They serve you well and they deserve to be pampered too. Massage them together and let the oil soak in to keep them smooth and wrinkle free for longer.

Perhaps you can think of more ways to make baby oil work for you and lighten your shopping bills. However you decide to use it, you know it will be completely safe. Who needs to spend lots of dosh on all those different beauty products?

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