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1107-47With the changing lifestyles, many of us are facing sleep disorders. Insomnia and other sleep related disorders are on a rise resulting in a poor health and low energy levels. Blame it on our habits to have caused this kind of a situation. You may want to take help of medication; however it will only worsen your health. If you have to go in for a treatment to cure sleep problems, you can opt for natural treatments. Natural remedies always work well on the body with out any side effects. Given below are some of the natural cures for sleep disorder.

Your state of mind plays an important role in the sleep pattern. Your mind needs to be completely relaxed before you jump into bed. Many of us have a habit of doing things till the time our eyes don’t start shutting. You may fall asleep; however you tend to get up in the middle of the night. Before your go to bed your mind needs to unwind from the thoughts that were running throughout the day.

If you have been facing a severe sleep disorder, you need to change the atmosphere you sleep in. Check the mattress and pillows you are using, do they make you feel comfortable. Try and sleep in darkness so that your brain gets the signal to relax. It is not possible to stop some light coming into your room; hence you can use an eye mask when going to bed.

One of the natural ways of getting a good night’s sleep is meditating and doing breathing exercises. This will help you get over your stress and relax your mind and body to give you the perfect sleep at night. It is myth that a tired body gets a good sleep. It is true that a tired body may not find trouble to fall asleep; however you may get up in the middle of the night. Do not work or watch television lying on your bed. A bed should be ideally used to sleep and not do other work. Never eat any heavy food item just before you go to bed. Doctors recommend a glass of warm milk, as it makes you feel drowsy and is soothing to the brain.

Diet plays another important role in the sleep disorder. If you have an iron deficiency you tend to miss out on sound sleep. Heavy diet or late hour meals keep your digestion process going on and hence your body may not be able to get into deep sleep. It is ideal to eat your meals at least two three hours before you get in bed. Also it is bad to sleep on an empty stomach. A glass of milk or herbal tea should serve right to get that peaceful sleep.

Our habits are responsible for sleep disorder that is catching up with a huge population. Mending our ways and diet is the best natural remedy to avoid insomnia.


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