Acne Treatment is Only Temporary

During an acne breakout, it is natural to focus on treatment of pimples blemishes. When you are experiencing an acne outbreak, your primary concern is getting rid of it! A number of number of excellent acne treatment creams and remedies are widely available in pharmacies and mass retailers. The best acne treatment creams contain benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, which help get rid of breakouts by drying them up. Such over-the-counter creams are sufficient for treating most relatively mild acne breakouts. Stronger medicated treatments are available by prescription for more severe breakouts.

However, treating an acne breakout that has already occurred is only a temporary solution to a deeper problem. Something caused you to have an acne breakout in the first place. Acne treatment creams will help with the surface blemishes, but they won’t take care of any underlying issues. To prevent future breakouts from occurring, you must identify the cause of your breakouts and manage it in a proactive fashion.

Most acne breakouts result from a build up of excess oil and other substances that can clog pores. The best way to prevent acne that is associated with clogged pores is to take steps to keep your pores clear at all times. Washing your skin on a regular basis with appropriate products is of utmost importance for long-term acne prevention. Everyone’s skin produces oil to some extent. Typically, people who experience problems with acne tend to have very oily skin. It stands to reason that if oil is one of the substances that causes acne, then keeping oil off your skin is an excellent means of preventing acne.

While people with oily skin cannot slow their skin’s natural tendency to produce oil, they can take positive steps to keep their skin’s oiliness under control. There are excellent lines of oil-free skin care products designed specifically for oily skin. People who have oily skin should never use skin are products designed for people with other types of skin. Such products often contain added oil, and therefore can exacerbate acne problems.

People with oily skin should wash their face with a soap or cleanser that is oil-free no fewer than two times each day. For additional protection against acne breakouts, it is beneficial to use a blemish control toner or astringent immediately following cleansing to refine the pores. The astringent should be followed by an oil-free moisturizing product. Weekly deep cleansing with a facial or full body mask or microdermabrasion product can also go a long way toward long-term acne prevention. Additionally, and makeup should be oil free. No one should ever leave their makeup on overnight. Even people who tend to have dry skin can experience acne breakouts as a result of leaving makeup on for too long.

Even people who follow stringent skin care routines can occasionally experience acne. There are so many environmental factors that can clog the pores and lead to acne that it is hard to control for every possible acne culprit. Additionally, some acne breakouts are diet-related and some are triggered by hormonal fluctuations. It is a good thing that acne treatment creams are available to take care of the inevitable occasional breakout. Just remember to focus on proper skin care so you can minimize your need for products to treat breakouts. You’ll enjoy healthy and clear skin as a result of your commitment to a sound skin care regimen.

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