Lose That Weight Once and For All

1507-07If you’re a busy person that doesn’t like to feel the burn at the gym and you still wand to lose weight, then you’ll love this.

How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off

We’re going to break it down into two phases: First is getting rid of the fat. Second is ensuring that you keep the weight off.

Losing the Weight — There are two kinds of exercises you want to do to lose the weight. First, is Hindu Squats (or just regular squats). These are squats that you perform without any of the heavy weights that you’d find at the gym. Try and do the squats as fast as possible. I know that this will be hard at first, but with a little persistence you can get to the point where you’ll blast through 100 of these in under five minutes. These squats are a lot harder than they sound. You will probably hate this exercise a lot, but you’ll keep at it because you’ll love how you just lose that weight so fast! Stick with it and you’ll observe results in around 10 days.

For the second exercise, you’ll just need to jump on a trampoline. It may seem a bit childish to go play on a trampoline, but it will do wonders for your core. I had a sociology professor in college that would do this every morning and he swore by it. I would just laugh at this back then, but after giving it a chance, I’m certain you’ll stick with it. This doesn’t take a lot of time either. You’ll see results after doing it a few times a day for only a couple of minutes. This is something that is an excellent thing to do during commercials while you’re watching something on television. This lets you watch as much TV as you’d like without feeling like a lousy couch potato.

Keeping the Weight Off – Now let’s take a look at how to keep the weight off so that you don’t find those pounds slowly sneaking back on you over the proceeding months.

Fortunately this part isn’t that complicated. The only step you need to do is take walks regularly. Walking is a good way to keep your body balanced and ensure that the fat stays off. Try walking instead of taking your car when you need to run simple errands. This gives you the chance to get exercise and get everything done simultaneously. Or if you live in the suburbs where it’s difficult to walk everywhere, try just taking a relaxing stroll before bed. This is good because it additionally helps you de-stress and relax before going to bed.

So this is how I recommend that you start losing weight and keep it off if you just can’t squeeze in a full workout at the gym. The important key to all this is to give this a fair try without giving up. Although this routine is quite simple, don’t be fooled. It is quite effective if you follow through on it everyday. Do the squat, jump on the trampoline, and take frequent walks and you just melt those pounds away once and for all.

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